IMG_5188-1Waste cooking oil can be one of the hardest things for restaurant operators to deal with. Initially it’s hot and slippery – a perfect recipe for a worker’s comp claim. Once it cools off, it stinks, it’s unsightly, and it attracts rodents. Let us eliminate the hassle of dealing with waste cooking oil. Our closed loop oil management system all but eliminates the handling of cooking oil. When oil reaches the end of its useful life, our specialized hot oil transfer pumps take over and automatically pump the spent oil to our sealed collection tank. This closed loop process eliminates the odors and rodents associated with conventional storage bins.


DSC_0239If you prefer the conventional method of waste cooking oil disposal, we can accommodate that as well. BCOS will deliver a professionally designed and constructed locking waste oil bin to your location. Collection service is schedule to ensure the collection container never exceeds 75% full. BCOS personnel will even pressure wash your tank /collection area up to twice a year! All this and BCOS pays you to collect your waste too!


Not only can BCOS eliminate the hassle of dealing with waste cooking oil, but together, we’re helping save the environment. Waste cooking oil is processed by BCOS to remove sediment, food particles and water. The processed cooking oil is then transferred to a biodiesel manufacturing facility where it is the primary ingredient in biodiesel production. Not only is biodiesel a renewable fuel, but, during its life cycle, it generates 78% less CO2 than does petroleum diesel. Biodiesel also directly offsets the import of foreign oil which aids our countries goal of becoming energy independent.