Carrying hot, smelly, waste cooking oil from the fryer to the collection bin must be one of the worst jobs in all of the restaurant industry. It’s DSC_0193heavy, easy to spill, and did I mention hot! Employees routinely report spills, burns, and slips/falls from performing this task. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could eliminate this job, and instead, accomplish the same thing with the push of a button? BCOS can make this a reality in your restaurant or commercial kitchen. Our oil management system allows you to “add, filter, and dispose of cooking oil with the touch of a button”. Our oil management system consists of food grade tanks, specialized oil transfer pumps, food grade hoses and piping, and stainless steel hot oil filtration carts. This equipment is installed in your restaurant with no upfront costs to you. The oil management system allows you to:


  • Receive fresh cooking oil in bulk rather than in pre-packaged containers – saving not only packaging costs, but eliminating the waste caused by throwing away fresh cooking oil that never makes it from the jug in to the fryer
  • Fill your fryers effortlessly. With the touch of a button or the flip of a switch, our specialized oil transfer pumps dispense fresh cooking oil from an oil fill wand directly in to your fryer – no more carrying 70 pounds of oil from the storage room to the fryer and waiting for it to glug, glug, glug out. DSC_0059
  • Filter your hot oil. Filtering of your frying oil will dramatically extend its useful life – reducing your overall oil costs. Our stainless steel filter equipment allows you to filter your oil when hot – without waiting for it to cool down. This means you can filter a fryer quickly and maximize the time the fryer is available. Typical fryers can be filtered in 12 minutes or less.
  • DSC_0019Dispose of your waste cooking oil without excessive handling. Waste cooking oil is pumped to a closed storage tank using the same equipment you use to filter it. This drastically reduces spills, burns, slips/falls, and workers comp claims. Our closed loop system also keeps your kitchen and storage area much cleaner and reduces odors from stinky waste cooking oil.


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