What kind of fresh oil do you supply?

We currently carry two types of vegetable oil. Our primary oil is Refined (clear) soybean oil. This is a 0 trans fat cooking oil with a very clean, neutral taste. It has a high smoke point and is very stable. We also carry a more durable blend of hydrogenated (creamy) vegetable oil. This is also a very low trans fat oil. Hydrogenated oil tends to be a bit more durable, but this comes with the trade off of a bit higher price. We have the ability to source specialty oils such as peanut oil and canola oil. Please call us for more information on these products.

How much do you charge for your fresh oil?

Oil pricing depends on a number of factors. The two most important factors are market conditions, the volume of oil you purchase. For more information on pricing, please call or email Nick Cross at (239)980-5966.

Will you pay me for my waste cooking oil?

Yes! We offer market-based compensation for your waste cooking oil. There are several factors that go into the rate such as your grease output per week, the size of your storage containers, your contract status, and the free market. We will always be clear and transparent with you and we will ALWAYS pay you for the amount that is collected.

Do I have to sign a contract?

For general waste oil collection, we do not require a contract, but we will need you to sign a document that says it’s OK for us to carry away your waste cooking oil. In order to use our cooking oil management system, we do ask for a commitment from you. Installing this unique system involves a substantial investment on our part. In order to feel comfortable making that investment in your restaurant, we need agree on general terms before installing the equipment.

How often do you pickup?

This depends on how much waste your restaurant generates and how large a tank we select for your location. Most restaurants are serviced monthly, but some larger restaurants require more frequent service. Special events (Superbowl, Spring Break, etc.) often require that we add additional collection routes. Rest assured that we will work with you to make sure your waste oil is never a problem for you.

Why should I use your grease collection system?

BCOS takes the hassle out of waste cooking oil. We’re honest and dependable and professional in an industry where those things are hard to find. We genuinely care about our customers and work very hard to ensure your happiness.

Do you provide a container?

Yes. Our containers are tough, secure, and easy to use. We custom build our containers in Miami, FL. We make a variety of stock sizes and have the ability to custom build containers to fit in tight locations. Generally, waste oil containers are provided at no cost to the customer.