Waste Cooking Oil

Waste cooking oil can be one of the hardest things for restaurant operators to deal with. Initially it’s hot and slippery – a perfect recipe for a worker’s comp claim. Once it cools off, it stinks, it’s unsightly, and it attracts rodents. Let us eliminate the hassle of dealing with waste cooking oil. Our closed loop oil management system all but eliminates the handling of cooking oil. When oil reaches the end of its useful life, our specialized hot oil transfer pumps take over and automatically pump the spent oil to our sealed collection tank. This closed loop process eliminates the odors and rodents associated with conventional storage bins. READ MORE

Oil Management System

Carrying hot, smelly, waste cooking oil from the fryer to the collection bin must be one of the worst jobs in all of the restaurant industry. It’s heavy, easy to spill, and did I mention hot! Employees routinely report spills, burns, and slips/falls from performing this task. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could eliminate this job, and instead, accomplish the same thing with the push of a button? BCOS can make this a reality in your restaurant or commercial kitchen. Our oil management system allows you to “add, filter, and dispose of cooking oil with the touch of a button”. Our oil management system consists of food grade tanks, specialized oil transfer pumps, food grade hoses and piping, and stainless steel hot oil filtration carts. This equipment is installed in your restaurant with no upfront costs to you. READ MORE

Cooking Oil Filtration

Cooking or frying oil is a vital part of any restaurant or commercial kitchen. After all, you can’t have good fried food unless you have good frying oil. Replacing the oil in all your fryers to keep it fresh is expensive and can be a major contributor to your kitchen costs. Proper care and filtration of your cooking oil can extend its life and protect food flavors.

Refined vegetable oils are naturally very heat tolerant. Many vegetable oils can withstand temperatures of 450 degrees without any adverse effect. Why then you might ask, does the oil turn dark and start to impart taste to fried foods after only a day or two of use. The answer lies in the food that is fried, not in the oil itself. READ MORE